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Congrats to Wills and Kate :)

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The plan was that Diana’s boys would walk behind the coffin with Charles Spencer. There was no plan for the Duke of Edinburgh to do so. But Prince William wasn’t sure, he was a young boy, that he was comfortable with doing that. But Prince Philip encouraged him, he said, you know, in years to come you will be pleased that you did walk behind your mother’s coffin. And still Prince William persisted in not being sure about it and Prince Philip said, ‘Well if I walk too, will that help?’”

There is a very touching moment when […] there’s a moment when they go through an arch in Horse Guards Parade when they, for a brief moment, are not fully visible to the crowd, and at that moment Prince Philip lent forward and touched the boys to reassure them, to strengthen them at that moment.

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Prince William’s message in support of England Squad :)

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Thank you guys so much who responded to my quest!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any further suggestions, feel free to leave them on my ask box :)

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Which one of these themes do you prefer?

First or Second ?

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Does anyone have any suggestions of a good one? Or a tumblr blog where I can find some nice ones?

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From @lcfcworld twitter.

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Pic: Prince Harry & Prince William after playing in the DeBeers polo cup today.vai:

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