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His voice is just amazing!


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Prince Harry has split up with his girlfriend of two years Cressida Bonas despite speculation they may marry

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas have split up, sources have confirmed to The Telegraph.

The couple, who had been dating for two years, had been struggling to keep their relationship going in the glare of worldwide media attention.

Despite recent speculation that they might soon marry, they have “paused for a breather”, a well-placed source said, suggesting that they could eventually get back together like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who also split for a period.

Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry attending We Day held at Wembley Arena in March 2014 (Karwai Tang)

A source told The Telegraph: “The relationship has certainly at least paused for a breather. It is virtually impossible to have a successful romance and relationship in the full glare of the world’s media.”

Asked what might happen in the future, the source said: “It’s impossible to say because I don’t think the two of them know either.”

The Prince, 29, spent today at a recovery centre for wounded servicemen, promoting the Invictus Games, the Paralympics-style event that will be held in London in September.

Last month the couple fuelled rumours that they might be about to announce an engagement when Miss Bonas, 25, accompanied the Prince to an official engagement for the first time.

The couple kissed and hugged at an event in Wembley Arena attended by 12,000 people, which was interpreted as a sign that they had grown more confident in the strength of their relationship.

Two days later the couple were again out together in public when they attended a Six Nations rugby match at Twickenham.

Miss Bonas was known to have struggled to cope with the pressure of being talked about as a princess-in-waiting, but her public appearances suggested she had got over her nerves.

However they have not been seen in public together since, and one report tonight suggested it was Prince Harry who had decided to end the relationship because he found Miss Bonas “too needy”.

The couple were introduced by Princess Eugenie, a close friend of former dance student Miss Bonas.


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Sources confirm that Harry and Cressida have split.
A source said: “It’s very sad.”
Source: “They have gone their separate ways. The split is very amicable.”

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Thank you for your warm welcome.

Your Excellency, Sir Nicholas, Mr President, thank you for inviting me and Catherine this afternoon. There cannot be a more impressive place than the iconic Sydney Opera House to begin our first visit together to Australia. I know that New South Wales is a very special place, and Catherine and I are looking forward to seeing that for ourselves over the coming days.

My last visit to Australia – in 2011 – was at a sad and testing time for the nation. A cyclone followed by flooding had devastated lives and property in Queensland, and bush fires had ravaged the State of Victoria. I am sorry to return to find that, yet again, fellow Australians in north Queensland are coping with the aftermath of another destructive cyclone.

Australia has much to contend with at the moment: your contribution to the ongoing search for MH370 has earned respect in every quarter of the globe. Australia’s determined and leading role in the search is at the very edge of technological ability and human endurance.

You have also responded with great generosity in the past few days to the natural disaster afflicting the Solomon Islands, which is suffering dreadfully from floods and successive earthquakes. Australia has led the international response in a way that is testament to the strength of your partnerships with your neighbours, and the important role that Australia plays both regionally and globally.

This visit to Australia has been one that Catherine and I have been looking forward to for a long time. On my first visit here as an adult in 2010, I remember just how bowled over I was by Sydney: seeing the energy and diversity of this beautiful city, and understanding just how much Australia is the home of innovation, opportunity and possibility.

I was well prepared: the affection that my grandmother The Queen has for this nation is infectious.

Her Majesty spoke recently of how, since her first visit here sixty years ago, she has been privileged to witness Australia’s growing economy and flowering self-confidence.

For Catherine, Harry and me, born in the early 80s, we’ve never known anything else – Australia and Australians have always been for us a beacon of confidence, creativity in the arts and sporting ability.

Harry felt very honoured to be invited to the centenary Fleet Review in Sydney harbour last year; and I know how much my father enjoyed his visit here in honour of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. My mother’s deep affection for Australia – which you were so kind to reciprocate – needs no reminder.

I don’t think I could finish these brief words to you without mentioning one other family member, George, who is now busy forging his own link with Australia. Catherine and I were very grateful for the many kind messages and gifts from across the country that we received when George was born. I suspect George’s first word might be ‘bilby’ – only because ‘koala’ is harder to say. We really look forward to our time here together as a family.

Australia is an inspiring place, as this amazing Opera House shows so vividly, and I know that a truly unforgettable few days lie ahead.
Thank you.

William’s speech at the Sydney Opera House (via houseofwindsor)

The part about Diana’s love for this country, the country I live in.. Australia. So proud and honoured to have them here and so touching was this speech HRH gave :)  
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Prince George going to be given a possum fur cloak at Echo Point comprised of seven skins. He can add to it on special occasions #royalvisit

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This is from the Telegraph (aka the most reliable source of royal news):

As you can see it says he cheated on her.

PS: It annoys me that anyone will believe in any bad news about William or Kate, even if it comes from trashy tabloids, but at the same time they refute any bad news about Harry. Him cheating on Cressida has been reported in every tabloid in the UK, also in Tatler magazine and by Ingrid Seward (who’s a personal friend of her mother and of Prince Charles).

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Thank you anon.

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Revealed: How Cressie hooked Harry.

I´m pretty sure we all know these “remarkable new pictures”… as so many people enjoy stalking her private social media accounts. 

I think it’s funny how some Cressida’s supporters stalk her account to no end, leak pictures and than when you’re gonna use the pictures that they leaked themselves to take their arguments down they call you names and say that you “are jealous only because she’s dating Harry”.


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OMG Papers…

Make up your mind.

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  • Prince was seen with his arm around beauty after leaving exclusive club
  • The pair were seen together at his birthday and then a West End restaurant
  • A friend of the Prince denied the pair were romantically linked

Prince Andrew was last night forced to deny he was engaged to a Croatian swimwear model 20 years his junior.

Monika Jakisic, 34, was pictured affectionately kissing the Duke of York goodnight after their third dinner date in as many weeks.

Then yesterday the former girlfriend of actor George Clooney posted a photograph on Twitter of what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring on top of a £600 restaurant bill.

Intimate: Prince Andrew plants a kiss on Monika Jakisic, a model 20- years his junior

The picture prompted a flurry of calls to Buckingham Palace – forcing Andrew’s representatives to issue the embarrassing and unprecedented statement last night.

A spokesman for the prince, 54, who had hitherto declined to comment on speculation about the nature of their relationship, said: ‘I can confirm the Duke of York is not engaged to Monika Jakisic.’

Rumours of a romantic relationship between the model and royal first emerged after they were seen together celebrating the prince’s birthday last month at Cecconi’s restaurant in Mayfair, where he was reportedly seen kissing her hand and cuddling up to her.

Two days later, they were again seen together enjoying an intimate dinner at private members’ club The Arts Club in the West End.

Then on Thursday evening, Miss Jakisic, who was dressed in skin-tight leather trousers and towering Louboutin heels, was seen giving Prince Andrew a tender kiss on the cheek outside the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Kensington, west London.

Miss Jakisic had arrived separately from Andrew at around 8pm. However, they were seen emerging from the club together three hours later.

Cryptic tweet: The picture of the ring that Monika Jakisic tweeted, causing Prince Andrew to issue a statement denying the couple were engaged

The pair were seen emerging from the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Kensington, West London

Miss Jakisic was in an on-off relationship with Clooney, 52 from 2004 until last year

Tender: Miss Jakisic placed her hand on the Duke of York’s shoulder

A friend of the prince denied there being anything romantic between him and the model

As they descended the steps, Andrew held his arm around Miss Jakisic who in turn placed her hand on his shoulder. He then watched her leave alone.

Last night it emerged that the picture she posted on social networking site Twitter of the engagement ring and restaurant bill was a congratulations message to two friends.

Miss Jakisic, who lives in a £1.2million home in north London, fled war-torn Croatia with her family when she was ten.

Her modelling career took off after she entered a competition run by Storm, the agency which represents Kate Moss.

Standing 5ft10 tall, she now refers to herself as the ‘Croatian sensation’

Miss Jakisic, who lives in a £1.2million home in North London, left alone. Miss Jakisic, 34, who was dressed in daring skin-tight leather trousers and towering Louboutin heels

The palace has refused to comment on the rumours of a relationship between the two

On Twitter, she has posted photos of herself in bikinis, and says she is ‘spiritual humanitarian’ with a ‘wild sense of humour’ who loves to stay fit by boxing. 

She was in an on-off relationship with Clooney, 52, from 2004 until last year. Last week, a friend of the prince’s denied any romance between Andrew and Miss Jakisic, adding she ‘only joined Andrew and a group of friends at the end of the evening’.

A senior royal aide also attempted to quash the speculation last night, saying: ‘They are friends.

He has known her for a number of years – over a decade – and to say that they are more than friends would be incorrect.’

Before marrying Sarah  Ferguson, Prince Andrew had a string of glamorous lovers, including actress  Koo Stark.

And since divorcing in 1996, he has been linked to a string of models including South African Heather Mann and Playboy Bunny Denise Martell.

Source: Daily Mail

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