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I have received a few questions about what I think about Chelsy and I decided that instead of answering every single question, I would make a post about it, so everyone could see it and I would have to answer the question only once.

If after this post you still have questions and want to talk about it nicely and in a classy way you are very welcome to send me as many asks as you want, annonymous or not.

This post is NOT, in any circumstance a hate post. I do not post hate posts on my blog, however, I do express my opinion, and having an opinion different from yours, or not the best opinion on a person IS NOT HATE.

If you are one of these Chelsy maniacs that can’t see someone criticizing her or having an opinion different from yours, I adivice you to stop reading this post RIGHT NOW.

I want to make it clear that I will not take anybody’s shit, and by that I mean, hate and nasty messages. I will ignore all of them if I get any, so, don’t even give yourself the work of writing me hate messages because, you’ll be frustrated when I don’t respond to any of them.

Ok… now, let’s get started…

Do I like Chelsy Davy?’
My answer would be yes. I do like Chelsy.

Do I agree with everything the media and her fans make her out to be?

I will start by saying that I do not agree with people saying that Harry and Chelsy are soul mates and bla bla bla… and I will tell you why…

Their relationship has been an on and off relationship for 6 years. Since the beginning they have had issues with each other’s behavior, friendship and way of living their lives. It is ok for that to happen when you first start a relationship but when you are in a relationship with a person for 5 years and you still can’t stand certain things that your boyfriend does, in a certain point that you feel you need to break up with him (again) to make him understand that you don’t like when he does that… dude, that means something. That means that the relationship doesn’t work or there is not enough love and effort from one or both of the parts.

Now, a few articles of some of the times they broke up:

 2007 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011

A lot of people say that Chelsy is a strong woman, who likes her freedom and who does not take Harry’s shit when it comes to infidelity and doing something she doesn’t like. They also say that she would never sit around and wait for him and also that she would not change her life for him.

Well, she is a strong and admirable woman and no one can say otherwise, but she DID change her life and she DID want Harry to commit.

Before the circus of the Royal Wedding in 2011, Chelsy broke up with Harry because of his partying and lack of commitment, and after the royal wedding, all of a sudden, she starts saying that SHE is the one who doesn’t want to commit because royal life isn’t for her and etc etc etc.

But the Prince was also spending more of his free time partying with his Army friends, to the irritation of Miss Davy

Telegraph 2009

A friend of Chelsy’s said, “Harry is incorrigible. He is at that age when he likes drinking with his mates and Chelsy will have to resign herself to that or it will be over.”

Articles 2008

She wants him to commit
As PopEater reports, the pair’s most recent breakup in 2010 may have been caused by Harry’s reluctance to propose. "Chelsy knew he wasn’t going to propose and wasn’t willing to wait anymore. She put her life on hold for him and now wants to start fresh," a source said.
If Davy and Harry are back together, does this mean a second royal wedding is in the works? We’ll have to wait and see.

Aol February 2011

“We were on and off so many times. The truth is he wanted to commit just before we split up – but I didn’t think he was ready.”

Mirror 2011

In the last qoute makes it clear that she didn’t think Harry was ready for commitment, despite he wanted to, she was very smart in not accepting it because she knew that if he wasn’t ready things weren’t going to work. But that quote makes it clear to me that she did want to commit, and if HE was ready, she would accept it.

Chelsy’s fans also say over and over that she did not wait for Harry and that she kept moving with her life, and she has not  changed her life for him.

Well, that’s debatable. She moved from Africa (a different CONTINENT) for him, and you tell me she didn’t want more of their relationship? Someone who moves that far away from her family and friends for a boyfriend doesn’t want to take the big step?

Everytime they break up she makes sure that it is reported that she is the one who dumped him, and maybe that is true, but it’s obvious that Harry is the one who didn’t want to commit, at least until 2010.

Last year, after the Royal Wedding, Chelsy told everyone she could, that she wouldn’t marry Harry because of his title and that a Royal life isn’t for her. Ok,. a few months before the wedding, she was saying that she wanted more commitment from Harry, now she’s saying that she is the one who doesn’t want it.

I saw people saying that Harry was dumped, because of what he said in the CBS interview, yeah, it might have been Chelsy who dumped him, but he doesn’t look very sad. I think he has moved on. Yes, I bet it hurt him to hear from the tabloids that the girl he loved for 6 years didn’t want to marry him because of who he is and that’s why he used this example in the interview, because it did hurt him but he also knows that she wanted commitment before.

When Harry started dating Florence last year, Chelsy was very disappointed that he had moved on and she obviously wanted a reconciliation.

Now, I will ask you, if she was the one who dumped, then WHY would she be upset like that and want a reconciliation?

“Chelsy says the last thing she expected was for him to start dating a girl this soon.”

“It’s humiliating for her and she feels badly let down.”

Mirror 2011

Now, everytime that Harry is being said to be dating again, Chelsy comes out with aanother man, and coincidence, or not, it’s always one of Harry’s pals.

Last year, as soon as Harry’s romance started to spark in the media, she came out with McWilly. This month, in the next day the interview of Harry saying that he was looking for a girl who wanted to take the life of a princess on, she came out with another one of Harry’s pals.

The other night, Harry was seen talking to Melissa Percy (Chelsy’s best friend), and a girl who Harry isn’t really close to. What do you guys think they were talking about? I suspect that they were talking about Chelsy, and Missy was telling him how she had moved on, and how happy she is now, that’s what best friends do, and that ok. But don’t come to me and say that Harry really wants to get back together with her and she is the one who doesn’t want to and that she doesn’t care for him anymore.

In my opinion, Chelsy is trying to make Harry jealous.

Chelsy’s fans say that she doesn’t take Harry’s shit and that she doesn’t put up with him treating her less than a super woman.

That’s another bull shit. Harry has done a lot of things that would tick any girlfriend off and that a girlfriend would dump him FOR EVER, but Chelsy didn’t. She dumped him for a little while, then, got right back together with him.

A list of a few things Harry did to her and she forgave him:

The couple first separated after the Prince missed her 22nd birthday party to go to the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris.

Telegraph 2011

A month later Harry and Miss Davy had a classic lovers’ tiff when he kept her waiting at Heathrow airport for an hour in full gaze of photographers having apparently overslept.

Miss Davy had arrived on a night flight from Johannesburg at 6.30am to find the prince was not there.

She waited in a branch of Costa Coffee until he arrived with his protection officers.

Telegraph 2007

Davy dumped Harry after she found text messages to another woman on his cell phone. However, the pair have been in touch with each other the past few days.

The Hollywood Gossip 2007

Plus, all the other cheating rumors that have been around.

Now, poor Chelsy… She has been cheated on, what a horrible boyfriend Harry was, right?

Not really. She was the one who put up with that and plus, every time we see her dating someone new, it’s one of his friends.

Now, you come and tell me that she is a saint, never cheated on Harry with his PALS, and nothing happened between them before Harry and her broke up??

I’m sorry but I am not stupid.

I do think she did cheat on him, and I don’t think he cared very much (which is sad and also another proof that their love isn’t as strong as people make it out to be). Was she wrong to cheat on Harry?

It depends on your opinion. She wasn’t ready to let Harry go so she decided to make Harry try his own poison, and cheated on him to make him feel the way she felt when he did it.

It’s hard to say that she was wrong. I don’t know what I would have done if I were in her shoes, but I feel really strongly that, I would not be with him if he were to behave that way.

Another thing that Chelsy’s fans always say that I think is bull shit as well.

Chelsy HATES the fame that comes with dating a Prince.

She wanted to be a top model she had even a book made and tried to model for some companies. Well, if she didn’t want to be famous and be in the spotlight all the time, why would she try to pursue a career that all it would give her was fame, and a lot of dieting to do??

She did want to be famous at certain point. When she started dating Prince Harry things in the media didn’t turn out the way she expected/wanted/planned to and now I believe that she doesn’t like it anymore.

But she DID want the fame at certain point of her life.

Is it bad that she wanted to be famous?


I see a bunch of people complaning that Kate likes the spotlight and all. I don’t see any problems in enjoying the spotlight when you’re married to the heir to the throne of a huge kingdom.

And the same applies to Chelsy. If she didin’t like the life she would have, with cameras and paparazzi, she would be very unhappy, and that is not what we want for her right?

We want her to be happy, so, that’s totally ok that she likes the spotlight and no one can really judge her on that because, it’d be part of her happiness that would be gone if she didn’t and married into the royal family.

Another thing the fans insist on saying, and that I personally agree is that Chelsy is a hard working woman.

Yes, she is. She works very hard to make her own money, despit she doesn’t need to, because she comes from a very wealthy family she has very good values and morals and big dreams to purse and that is very admirable.

Has she ALWAYS put her job above her party life?

No she hasn’t always put her job above everything.

Chelsy Davy puts job on hold to see the world first

Daily Mail 2009

I am not posting this to criticize her on her job life.

This happened 3 years ago, and she was 23 years old.

Of course she is more mature now, that she is close to her 30’s than she was when she wasn’t even 25.

Like, I said before, Chelsy comes from a very wealthy family and she doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t want to, so the simple fact that she wills to work, says wonderful things about her and there is nothing wrong with her wanting to see the world before the gets a real job and start her serious life, I wish I could do that, seriously.

But I put this here, to show you guys, that she has fun as well. That you shouldn’t look at her like, ooh poor Chelsy, she works so hard, poor her.

No, you should be thinking that she works because she wants, so she has nothing of poor (haha, in all the meanings of the word). She has lots of fun yes, and there is nothing wrong with that, so STOP saying that she never has fun, because, you chelsy davy fans sound like she is so poor she can’t even afford a weekend without having to work. PLEASE. No drama.

Conclusion, I DO like Chelsy, and did not hate on her with this post. I hope this is clear to every one.

I made this post because I was so tired of people accusing Harry of being immature, that he was the bad guy, and that he was ALWAYS the one who made the mistake and had to apologize. Chelsy makes mistakes too, she isn’t a perfect saint like the media makes her out to be.

Harry is not a bagger, and proof to that, is that he has finally moved on, and he is seriously trying to find the love of his life.

Now, I will post the links of my sources, so you guys can read them and see for yourselves.


Telegraph 2009

The Hollywood Gossip 2007

Telegraph 2007

Daily Mail 2009



Mirror 2011

Pictures of Chelsy waiting for Harry for an hour with Photographers watching her (ps: in these pictures you see that she called Harry pissed off)

So, message me (politely) what you think about this post ok?

I want to make it clear, AGAIN, that this isn’t a hate post and that I do like Chelsy and admire her, I just do not think she is the right girl for Harry.

As everyone, she has qualities and deffects but I felt the need to point a few of her deffects because everyone only talk about her qualities to put Harry down. Harry has done a lot to proctect her like: Prince Harry threatens to kill reveller, and I also had a video of Harry protecting Chelsy when they were coming out of a club and they were being chased by paparazzi and he said” Fuck off” to the camera and protected her. I lost the link but if anyone has the link for this video and wants to send it, feel free to send it to me through my submit link (left menu).

Well, now, that’s really all.

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